If you are interested into buying a new juicer for your kitchen, you should read this article!

In this article, I will describe all Montel Williams Juicers that are available. I will list all of the main characteristics for each juicer.  You can read everything you need to know before buying a new juicer and decide which juicer to buy.


Montel Williams Brand Information

Emmy Award-Winning Television Personality

Montel Brian Anthony Williams is an American television personality, radio talk show host, wellness entrepreneur, actor, inspirational speaker, bestselling author and health advocate. He started The Montel Williams Show in 1991. He got a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host in 1996. He started his own company which promotes healthy life.

Montel’s Mission And Message

Montel Williams wants to spread his message which is to live well physically, emotionally and spiritually. Montel brand’s mission is to make the best possible products for living healthy and simple life at the same time. They offer quality products for an amazing price. They try to make more people to “live well“ and have healthy and easy daily routine.

Montel’s Hard Chronic Illness

The founder of this brand fights with hard chronic illness multiple sclerosis. He was diagnosed with it in 1999. He started his own company to help others to show them you do not have to be a prisoner of your illness and that you can overcome everything if you want it hard enough. He does not want to let his illness bring him down and stops him from doing what he wants.

Customers Are Important

Montel Williams started his brand to share his message to help others. That is why his customers are important to him. He wants people to live healthier life and that is why he tries to make the best products for them. On his official website, you can contact him in case you need something.

Where To Buy Montel Products

On his official website, you have all the information. You can visit his stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco or other stores near. There are more stores opening in the future. You can also find his products on Amazon. On Amazon, you can find products for even better price because they often have discounts.

Best 2 Montel Williams Juicers

Montel Williams Health Master Emulsifier

Powerful Digital Emulsification System

This Montel juicer has 1200 watts of power. It can easily chop, chrush and mix fruit and vegetables. It takes only few seconds to liquify fruit and vegetable and to make juice out of it. It keeps all the vitamins, anti-oxidants, nutrients and minerals, therefore you have healthier juice.

Montel Williams Health Master Emulsifier

Simple One-Touch Settings

This juicer is very simple to use, only thing you have to do is to put whole fruit or vegetable in it and mix it all up using one button. You do not need experience to work with it, but it would be good to look at the instructions that come with it.

Material That Juicer Is Made Of

This Montel juicer has polycarbonate blending jar which has the capacity of 70 oz. It also has commercial-grade culinary blades. This juicer is 11.2 inches wide, 13.2 inches long and 19.5 inches high.It is a stainless steel multi-blade which is made for wet and dry blending. It comes in black color.

Montel Williams Health Master Emulsifier review

Free Purchase

When you buy this juicer, you get 4 recipe books and a whole eating plan. You also get instrucional DVD. This free purchase can be very usefull for you to learn how to have healthier diet, if you do not know already.


  • 1200 W motor
  • Polycarbonate blending jar
  • One-touch settings
  • Commercial-grade culinary blades
  • All the vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals stay in the juice

HealthMaster Living Well Blender Emulsifier: YD-2088E

HealthMaster Living Well Blender Emulsifier YD-2088E

Another Version Of This Montel Juicer

On Amazon, you can find another similar juicer: HealthMaster Living Well Blender Emulsifier Montel Williams Model: YD-2088E. This one has similar characteristics, but it is a little bit cheaper.  It also comes in black color and works like it’s previous described version.

Conclusion: Why Buy Montel Williams Juicer?

Montel Williams is well known for his story about his illness and because of it he ended up making the best possible products to stay healthy. His products have a great quality and this two juicers Montel Williams emulsifier and it’s similar model Living Well Blender YD-2088Eare a great representation of Montel’s quality products.

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